Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Brinkman Says "Never" on Jail Tax

Thomas "The Tax Killer" Brinkman has written The Beacon today saying that he will never vote yes on the tax increase.

From the Cincinnati Beacon: So we asked Brinkman about his support for the Heimlich Jail Tax. “I, Tom Brinkman, have never stated that I was going to vote for this. Never,” writes Brinkman in an email to The Cincinnati Beacon. (Full Beacon Article)

The Beacon goes on to question Brinkman's sincerity in uttering the word never to Heimlich's tax increase,The Beacon writes:

But what about the media’s record of Brinkman’s apparent support for a new tax? Even Phil Heimlich’s campaign page includes an article with this passage from Brinkman:

“This is not a sales tax increase. It’s a property-tax reduction,” said Brinkman, founder of the Coalition Opposed to Additional Spending and Taxes, or COAST. “Our goal has always been to keep (government) spending at the rate of inflation or lower - and we get a jail out of it.”

Brinkman’s response was once again straightforward: “I do not see the ‘I’ in that quote, as in ‘I support’ or ‘I will vote for.’ I do see ‘Our (COAST’s) goal has always been to keep spending at the rate of inflation of lower.’ This is a true statement of COAST’s goal and the criteria that I think (although it has changed since then) the plan met. Once again, I have NEVER voted for a tax increase. NEVER. It is my intention to utter those words until the day I die.”

From this we know three things; one Brinkman is not taking Finney's line in coast to go along with Phil Heimlich's tax hike. Two, he is a man of his word. And he is the President of COAST and has come out and said, "Never". Three, looks like Heimlich is going to have to change his campaign page... again.

P.S. The first TOAST award in this tax battle goes to Tom Brinkman, Senator, 34th District of Ohio and C.O.A.S.T. President. Cheers!


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