Thursday, August 24, 2006

Brinkman's Dilemma Solved

This week, Tom “Tax Killer” Brinkman seemed caught in a dilemma when he said he never supported the Heimlich Jail Tax, and then got caught on tape saying he would vote for it. The Cincinnati Beacon engaged further dialogue with Representative Brinkman, trying to get to the bottom of the plan and his position. Long story short: Brinkman supported the twenty year sales tax because it had a substantive property tax rollback; he does not support the ten year plan that will actually be placed on the ballot. Read rest of story here...

(Story from The Cincinnati Beacon)

We at T.O.A.S.T. would like to thank Mr. Brinkman for staying true to his beliefs. It's good to know that the fall election for County Commissioner is not having any effect on Tom Brinkman staying true to helping the citizens of Hamilton County find the truth about Heimlich's Tax Plan.


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