Sunday, August 27, 2006

Dusty Rhodes Explains

In response to this request and the concern of “Adovocate (sic) Michael Earl Patton”, rest assured that Dusty Rhodes has not “forgotten to balance the books in Hamilton County”.

We have been unable to release Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR) for Hamilton County – for the first time since I became County Auditor for 2004 and 2005 - because of the ongoing and yet-to-be-completed and disclosed special state audit of the Welfare Department. There is no way to issue a CAFR with the potential of a large, unknown liability outstanding.

I have expressed my concern about the pace of this audit directly to the State Auditor and her staff on several occasions over the past year. This has not been a secret and is not a matter of “recent revelations”.

For the record, Hamilton County never issued a CAFR prior to my becoming County Auditor. Thank you for your interest.

---Dusty Rhodes---

Thank you Mr. Rhodes for your prompt response. And for any wondering what Mr. Rhodes is refering to when he says, "state audit of the Welfare Department."
(Click here) Hint: It's something that even the Cincinnati Enquirer for some reason likes to keep hush-.hush


  • At 5:04 PM, Blogger Michael Earl Patton said…

    Thank you for your response, Mr. Rhodes. I had tried your office before, but had simply been told that the reports were not available.

    Since section 319.11 of the Ohio Revised Code specifies that an audited report be completed within 90 days after the end of the fiscal year, might I suggest that some explanation for the delay be given on your website?


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