Thursday, August 24, 2006

Hamilton County Audits Missing Since 2003

Adovocate, Michael Earl Patton, has been trying unsuccessfully to find if the County's books for Hamilton County have been balanced since 2003.

Did he find it?

"I couldn't as of this morning, 8/24/06. In other words, the auditor hasn't balanced the county's books since 2003."

What is this true? Has Dusty Rhodes forgotten to balance the books in Hamilton County? Is this why the County is being investigated for mis-spending 1 biliion dollars?

Letter to: Hamilton County Commissioners, Auditor, Manager,
and members of the Public Concern

Recent revalations have recently come to light that the county auditor has not balanced the book's since 2003.

Is this true?


Peter Deane
President T.O.A.S.T.


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