Monday, August 21, 2006

No Citizens in favor of Heimlich's Proposal

On the Cincinnati Beacon today, Michael Earl Patton, who is one of the most informed taxpayers in Hamilton County concerning the jail issue, reported that the County Commissioners voted today to place the 1/4 cent jail tax onto the November ballot. It was also reported that no citizen of Hamilton County came to support the new jail proposal.

To read full story and some modifications that Portune tried unsuccessfully to pass click here... href="">Cincinnati Beacon.

Also, I recently sent a letter to the President of COAST and my District Representative, Tom Brinkman, with some questions that I believe the taxpayers of the 34th District and TOAST need answered.

To: President of COAST and Ohio Senator of 34th District

Mr. Brinkman,

Today's vote is to increase taxes for the next ten years for a jail. How do you feel about this? What do you believe is a better option; tax the citizens of the 34th district for the next ten years at 1/4 cent or 1/2 cent in one years time?

As a Senator of the 34th district in Ohio (my district) and President of COAST,
how much more money will the taxpayer in the 34th district be saving under Heimlich's plan compared to DeWine's plan? Also, Portune has also mentioned that he would like to see the money that is seized in drug raids and seizures going into the jail. Would you agree?

Thank You,

Peter Deane
President TOAST

Mr. Brinkman has yet to reply.


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