Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Playland for Cincinnati's Rich Draws Near

The city-county panel charged with selecting a master developer for the long-stalled Banks project on Cincinnati's downtown riverfront hopes to have a signed preliminary agreement with one of the remaining candidates by Sept. 15.

That's when the five-member Banks Working Group has tentatively scheduled its next public meeting, chairman Bob Castellini said Tuesday.

Castellini said three teams are under consideration for the proposed $600 million commercial and residential development. Members of the panel earlier this month visited an Atlanta project being developed by one of the teams, AIG/Carter. The other teams are composed largely of Cincinnati-area developers who haven't worked on joint projects before, he said.

(From Cincinnati Enquirer)

25% of Cincinnati residents fall below the poverty line and they believe that taxpayers hard earned money going into a project for the rich will help us out of that. Who are they kidding?


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